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    Author: @Zeek
    From user @Athena
    Description of Idea:
    Our son will be receiving a ACC Decive for Speech therapy but I need help with how I can mount it on his desk (need it to be portable for school too) so it’s in his visual field and not laying flat on the table…Are you able to create something so I can mount his ACC Talking device on to it?..I attached a photo of a way I found on pinterest…

    MMC Entry I.D: 6240


    This request came from the ny switch expression of interest spreadsheet.
    Another request from the same user @FutureMakersAcademy and Kim(sent email to invite to forum)


    Hello, I work with Kim at TechOWL and have a few solutions that I would be interested in making and sending off to this person. Links below.

    This is my first time on this forum. How do I get in contact with the person requesting the device?



    Hi Thomas and welcome to the community! This request came through a form so I will invite them to the forum. The reason we use the forum is so everyone can benefit from the conversation and sometimes really interesting and innovative stuff is created and great resources and info are shared over email then gets lost and/or only shared between the two in the conversation. Since we are promoting open source design we try our best to keep all conversations public until private details are being disclosed then it can be done over DM or a phone call etc. If there any developments in the project or design that you think would benefit the community we would absolutely love if you could post them in this thread like James did in this thread

    In the meantime I will give this user a call and ensure they get on the forum asap


    ve if you could post them in this thread

    Great! This is awesome! I’ll sure to keep this thread updated. I post a lot of TikTok videos about fabricating AT, so I might post a link or two if I decide to make it into a social media post 🙂


    Just chatted to Athena on the phone and she’s so excited to get on here and chat to you and other makers about these requests and some questions and ideas she has. She left her laptop at her moms and will join the forum as soon as she gets it


    Amazing! I’m looking forward to it!


    Hi! Also wanted to post this here @ZKv in case this person would like to make the request on our CreATe Together system where I can contact them directly to start collaborating with the family 🙂

    Get Something Made – CreATe Together


    I messaged her this morning letting her know you’re eager to work with her on these! Will keep you updated @anikolos23

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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