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    User: @DougC

    A socket of sorts with a swim fin sticking straight out horizontally slips on the residual limb are fastened and the actual swim fin sticks straight out as it would when you are horizontal in the water. This could help many amputees to become more active in their communities and lives as an amputee.

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    There appears to be a few commercial swim fins for amputees. This 3D printed amphibious design is particularly interesting https://www.northwell.edu/research-and-innovation/the-fin


    This is an interesting concept. Has the user decided to just purchase the commercial swim fin listed in the previous reply? If not, please let me know, I would love to help to create a device like this :slight_smile:


    Hi @juliacpaler, I shared the link after a quick online search but I don’t know the status of the request. Do you have a design in mind? It would be great to see what you develop.


    Thanks for everyone who is interested in this project! I am trying to locate this user a it appears they have not logged into the forum since requesting this design-will keep you updated! @juliacpaler @brentcourson


    sted in this project! I am trying to

    Sounds good! Thank you


    Hi! It depends on what some of the user needs are but currently, I think something similar to one of those rubber swim fins would be a possibility.


    Hi I have spoken with @DougC – this request came in when we had some integration problems with the forum and website.

    He is a bilateral above knee amputee, on both legs. He is looking for a swim-fin that goes parallel / inline with his legs. He is looking to put these directly on, and not attach to any other prosethis. His idea is to help get exercise, he could go to the pool edge, put on a life jacket, and use these to help enable swimming. His base concept thinking a compression sock with a 3d printed fin. He saw a similar project at Glenrose Rehab Center (in Edmonton, his home community). There are some commercial products but his concern is that as they are disturbed with the prosthetics person it will be very expensive.

    Certainly needs a solid volunteer or small team to make a reality. Could be a great capstone project for a group of students in Engineering, Occupational Therapy, or Kinesiology. It will likely need a few iterations — prosthetics is a whole field of study. He’s based in Edmonton so in a non-Covid time, someone there I think will be a big help.
    The interface between that and Doug’s legs is the real trick of this project. I am just spitballing here. I haven’t any experience with compression socks, but seems to likely be part of solution? Perhaps a rubber belting system to help secure? Sewing in some wetsuit material? If 3D printing does come into play, perhaps TPU would be a better material due to a bit of flex in flippers? Or 3d scanning in his legs, and using that as way to model and fit. I also wonder if using / building off [standard flippers that have a removable heelstrap](https://www.amazon.ca/Merkisa-Adjustable-Flippers-Snorkeling-Swimming/dp/B085WM4PNY/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=swim+fins&qid=1609891112&sr=8-16) a good starting point.

    I did some research and have the following resources:

    1. This project [FreeSwim Prosthesis](https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/en-CA/2016/project/freeswim-prosthesis/) looks to be pretty close to @DougC concept, it won a Jane Dyson award.


    2. [AmpFin](https://ampfins.com/pricing/) looks to be a commercial solution that requires a prosthetist, and pricing is through that. So while likely an ideal solution, may be much more expensive and unattainable.

    ![amp fins|618×500](upload://srN6sftM8XKMVunhwfKdZKNcUwX.jpeg)


    If @juilacpaler @brentcourson are still interested and available for this project, I can help put you in touch and set up a time to chat.


    @MMC_Chad Great job with the project summary. I am not an engineer or medical professional so I do not have the needed technical skills. However, I am a connector and would be happy to help in a support capacity.


    @MMC_Chad, this does sound like a good research project for our summer high school senior interns. What is the status of this project current? Would you get me in touch? We have a 3D printing lab with a capacity of big volume printing and knowledge in material research. I am interested in learning about it. Thanks.


    Hi Chad @MMC_Chad, any updates on my questions? I just want to see if this could be feasible as a research project for our interns. Thanks.


    Hi @zhangcu2! I am a student that is currently working with MMC and spoke to Doug about this project a while back and have followed up recently to inform him about the forum post. But he informed me that he is having trouble connecting his account at the moment. I will reach out to him to see if this has been resolved and then he should be able to get in contact with you through here.


    Thanks @Tyler_Fentie — perhaps @MMC_Pran can look at @dougc account issue, this request came in when integration was broken so that may help with cause analysis. But Doug should be able to atleast “see” this even if he is having issues with login.

    Thanks @zhangcu2 for offer to help. Also @ConnorM, do you have some experience with prosthetics at all?


    @zhangcu2 Tracy, if this doesn’t work out you may want to reach out to the Tetra Society. I was able to attend their volunteer meeting earlier this week. One of their chapters is working on developing a hockey stick holder for individuals without hands or wrists. The current equipment the athletes are using looks similar to the ones used for adaptive kayaking which clamp over the arm. The clamp attachment type has not worked well for out local programs.



    Thanks, Brent @brentcourson. It is good to know. I will dig into it.

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