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    Hi – I’m working on a request from a user at [Toronto Public Library](https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/). They’d like to have switch control over an e-book reader app: initial information suggests it’s either [Libby](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.overdrive.mobile.android.libby&utm_source=help&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=libby) or [OverDrive](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.overdrive.mobile.android.mediaconsole) on a Samsung [Galaxy S5 neo](https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/model/SM-G903WZKAXAC/).

    The actual switches are sorted. The switch interface, though, I’m not sure about. I’m hoping that the ATMakers [KeySwitch](https://github.com/ATMakersOrg/KeySwitch) will work through a USB OTG interface. If the user isn’t keen on lots of cables, are there any affordable bluetooth options?


    @MMC_Milad? Not sure if you’d know? Or @manager @alice @lyonsm @Butzuk @mlevac @loretod ?


    ATMakers switch and FAIO should both work. You just need to map the switch under switch control which depends on book reader app.
    How about hacking a dollar store bluetooth camera remote buttons? That would be limited to one action but can work as well.


    Yup! a remote camera button should work using bluetooth so no wires. Both Android and iOS have many switch settings so it would be a matter of deciding what the button needs to do. I think the ATMaker switch has a custom board that needs printing so may be more prohibitive? I’m working on possibly trying to stick the DF Bluno chip under the MMC-60 to turn it into a bluetooth switch. That would be amazing since Ablenet charges $150 for a 2 button bluetooth switch.


    Thanks, Loreto! And welcome to the forum!

    I still have to connect with the user to find out exactly what they need.

    Sounds like your DF Bluno project is similar to the [FAIO Multiplexer Wireless](https://makersmakingchange.com/project/faio-multiplexer-wireless/). There are maybe too many Bluetooth options out there!


    Wow! That is the Cadillac of bluetooth switches. Nice! I was thinking something way more simple like the camera shutter button with more accessible incase a user can’t press the standard buttons that come on those models.


    Cadillac of bluetooth switches

    I am working on Tesla of bluetooth switches with new ItsyBitsy Bluefruit!:) Using ESP32-S2 is another option but the Arduino IDE support for it is not stable yet so you need to write the code in C for now.


    Having seen Teslas completely fail to vehicle whenever there’s any kind of snow, maybe I’d stick with a different marque …

    Although I don’t have any of the ESP32-S2 boards with SPIRAM, I am looking to use at least one of my (far too many) ESP32 boards with MicroPython for this sort of application. It at least has stable networking and Bluetooth without going too low-level.


    I don’t have a good quality control just like Tesla! There are definitely similarities between electric vehicle and bluetooth! 🙂 I tried the wifi on S2 and it was not stable but the USB HID option can be useful with wifi.

    It doesn’t have bluetooth so normal ESP32 should work well and there are good examples on using it a bluetooth keyboard.


    Exciting! let me know if you end up with something semi-working. I would love to beta test for you :robot: I didn’t realize you could send HID over wifi but duh why not.


    There is a latency of 1s to 3s but it might be an option if you are using wifi anyway.


    This article popped on my feeds today…. https://gizmodo.com/these-plastic-objects-can-talk-to-computers-without-ele-1845324111

    I wonder when this will actually be usable? Sorry a little of topic by somewhat related to the ESP32.


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    This design could be used as inspiration: https://pinshape.com/items/25409-3d-printed-universal-wireless-switch-access

    It uses a 3D printed enclosure around one of those remote shutter buttons to make the button easier to activate. The ND clause limits the ability to modify / improve that design, but a new design could be made using the same concept.


    Nice! We were also talking about some way of taking out the guts from the shutter buttons since they are so low cost and low energy and finding a way to hack that. This design a great solution.

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