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    Author: @Zeek
    Description of Idea:
    From user @Chaya
    I’m am starting an adaptive toy library for my community, every family who would like to borrow a toy can give a deposit and they can’t borrow a toy for 1 month. Have have learnt how to adapt toys on my own but I do not know how to make switches and most of the children I will be servicing do not have switches at home. In general I do free overnight respite care for children with disabilities and I’m always looking for more ways to improve their quality of life and make them as independent as possible.

    MMC Entry I.D: 6264


    This request came from the ny switch expression of interest spreadsheet. @loretodalt @larioc Looks like some of the interact switches built with Colleen’s class could go here. Other switches could be built at events or in class doesn’t look like she has anything specific in mind.

    Please keep us updated re the status here as I pass this off to others when I leave. User is not in forum but their contact info is in the spreadsheet


    Yay!!! This user finally emailed me back. My emails were going to her Spam folder and she just checked it. Her voicemail was full so not luck there but…

    She said the Interact Switches would be perfect for the lending library toys and she could use a few of them (2 or 3?). @larioc I think the switches you guys are building were going to NJ requests? Let me know if you have enough to send out and I can connect you guys. Or also happy to have the NYC chapter help out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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