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    Designed by Connor McGough (@ConnorM)

    Project Need: Mobility/Physical
    Capabilities Needed: 3D Printing
    Project Link: https://makersmakingchange.com/project/swivel-wheelchair-cup-holder/ 5
    License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

    This is a cup holder that can be placed on the underside of a wheelchair armrest and can be swiveled underneath the armrest when not in use. It is designed to fit various cup and mug sizes, including multiple diameters and depths. The holder can be 3D printed in a variety of materials such as PETG or PLA. The swivel cup holder is designed for a wheelchair armrest that has a flat underside and can use a hook and loop strap around the top to secure it into place.

    Cup holder can be placed underneath armrest and swiveled out to the side to hold a glass or mug. When not in use, it can be discretely hidden underneath the armrest to prevent the cup holder from breaking when going through doorways or pulling into tables.


    Hi @ConnorM,

    Great design. If I could make a suggestion that, I believe, will make the print easier and faster. Rather than relying on slicer generated supports for the mount base and the cup holder, you could design in a 0.4mm (or 0.8mm) bridge going around the outside of the channels (see photo, red line). Much like slicer supports you leave 0.2mm from the top and bottom of the bridge to make them easy to remove.

    Basically you are building in intelligent supports rather than relying on the slicer. Users can simply download, slice without supports, and print.

    Thanks again,
    base mount


    Great suggestion  @marchache1717. I will do just that, and will update the file once I have. Thanks for the feedback.


    If you’re able, @ConnorM, it would be helpful to add the original CAD files to the project as well. That makes it easier in some cases to modify / customize / expand the design.


    Question for you, how does the permobil mount top attach to the chair ? Do they have mounting hardware ?


    No need for mounting hardware. The piece with the open slots on each edge for the Velcro strap has inserts that fit in the grooves that run vertically under the armrest to keep it from moving left or right. Once it’s inserted correctly under the armrest the Velcro does the rest of the work by adding tension around the top.


    Perfect, thanks


    Hi @ConnorM

    This is something I made for another project which may be useful here. It’s a size adjuster for a cup holder. If your cup is smaller than the holder you insert this piece. Pretty basic sketch that can be adjusted to fit whatever cup diameter you need.


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