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    Mario Party Superstars for Nintendo Switch is partially accessible for blind and low vision players. A large barrier to this is tracking player position on the board: each space has different effects, and knowing what’s ahead of you can make or break your odds at winning!

    There are 5 boards currently in Superstars, with different designs and varying levels of complexity. Currently, I have an STL for one board (Peach’s Birthday Cake, the simplest). But I need help with the following:

    – Scaling/size: the tactile board does NOT need to reflect the actual appearance or layout of the board in-game

    – The Braille text needs to be a specific size; the rest of the board can be scaled for any real-world size

    – The slicing of board sections for printing. The board should fit together, and have intuitive methods of slotting pieces together

    – A method of tracking your own position on the board, and which Spaces have a Piranha Plant. Maybe a separate printable piece which fits overtop of (or around) the spaces.

    Other boards will be more complex, and can have state changes to Spaces, Path directions, and countdowns. I do not currently have STL starters for these boards.

    NOTE: I am sighted, but am helping to create these files for several friends who play Superstars. Two of them have access to 3D printers, to test drafts!


    Hello and welcome, @jennissarytwitch !

    Can you share some files or pictures to give people a better idea of what this looks like?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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