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    2 year old with Triparesis Cerebral Palsy. Needs a supportive walker that is light weight and small. In Winnipeg. Haven’t posted here before but was recommended to do so.


    Does anybody have suggestions for this? There is an example of one seen on fb ![pvc%20walker%202|375×500](upload://oEuwGuI7Cymy4MrlAn3bZJticMo.jpeg). If anybody in the Winnipeg area is interested in designing something like this please connect.

    In the meantime, this will be passed to our engineers at MMC for review.


    Hello, @leepicwin

    Has this project been designed by the MMC Engineers? If not my team and I would like to design and assist in the design and creation of a walker for your son.


    It has not, I’d love for you guys to come up with a design. Thanks!


    Triparesis Cerebral Palsy.

    Before we begin, I would like to mention that we are not located in Winnipeg but are located in Vancouver BC. We are a Multiple disciplinary engineering design team from The University of British Columbia. I know you mentioned that you would like someone from Winnipeg to work on the project, would you be okay with this. We discussed as a team we would design the walker here in Vancouver and ship the parts to you with instructions for you to assemble the walker. We will try and make it easier to assemble than Ikea furniture!


    Yes that would be fine. Let me know what measurements you would need from her. The other thing as well is it would need a little strap or something for her right hand as she cannot grip with it.

    Let me know 🙂




    We’ve reviewed this project and think it’s an appropriate design challenge – we were waiting to hear back on a meeting between @MMC_Suzanne and @leepicwin for more information.

    thanks for offering to help @leepicwin with this – that’s exactly how these design challenges are intended to function. (We can help where we can, but we’re a small team, especially on the technical side.)

    Here’s a few notes / comments:

    1. The photo posted above is likely from a American-based Home Depot. The US stores carry a wider variety of PVC products, including the colored tubing and the 3-way elbows, which you are unlikely to find in Canada. You can get a sense for what is available here: https://formufit.com/ The design can probably be adapted to use components that are commonly available in Canada. Spray paint or duct tape are an easy way to customize the color.

    2. Ideally an occupational therapist (OT) is involved to ensure the height and grip are appropriate.

    3. I really like the idea of something that is easy to assemble/disassembly, as that makes transportation easier as well.

    Feel free to further flush out the requirements and post or link it here. Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up!


    Thanks @UBCEnable. I am the local Winnipeg Regional Coordinator. I look forward to seeing how this develops as well. @leepicwin please let me know if I can help in any way.


    Yes colour isn’t an issue for us, I can always customize it with stickers etc for her. And we have an OT that comes to our house for treatments that will be here on the 21st. Can you let me know what measurements should be taken? I’ll get as many as I can if I don’t hear a reply by then



    We have been talking and have a couple questions for us to start working on things.
    1. Would you like the walker to be height adjustable for her? if so how tall is she now, how much does she weigh and if possible how long are her arms? how long would you like her to use the walker?
    2. Where are you planning to have her use it? in outdoors, outdoors, both? it indoors what flooring would it be used on, if outdoor would it be more on concrete and cement or possibly on grass?
    3. if possible her gait while walking would be nice since we don’t want to make the walker too small so she is unable to walk to her full gait.

    We all look forward to working on this project.


    Thanks for thé questions.
    I think primarily it will be used on sidewalk and inside malls, so tile flooring. She is currently 23lbs. I will get all the other measurements tonight.



    Hello @leepicwin,

    I wanted to follow up from the previous message. We are meeting today and will start working towards making the walker. We also have a couple more questions.

    1. if she were to lean on her right hand would she be able to hold her weight? So if a PVC pipe walker were designed to the one above would that be sufficient or would she need more stability then that?
    2. is she able to walk independently without a walker and needs added stability? or can’t walk independently?
    3. would you like the wheels to lock?
    4. can we also have the length of her forearms?

    In our research we came across the kidwalk. are you aware of this product?


    Thanks, Brock


    Hi Brock and Rae,

    I see this has been dormant for awhile. Has the project progressed any further ? I’ve recently joined the Winnipeg Maker team and would love to help if I can, even if just to act as local pair of hands.

    Let me know

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