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    This project seeks to develop a handheld, utensil-inspired, anti-tremor unit for users afflicted by movement disorders. The device aims to dampen the effect of tremors when using a utensil to see steady movement of the utensil tip. The proposed device is mechatronic in nature and leverages physical tremor movement as input signal to a mechanism that actuates mechanical components of our device for stability. Tremor hinders the range of motion, and the ability to perform everyday actions that individuals need to complete; thus, the proposed unit will be attachable onto a variety of everyday items such as eating and writing utensils. The device will take input data from electromechanical sensors to control the proposed mechanical system that offsets tremors’ effect and enables users to better control their movements.


    We are a team of University of Calgary Engineering students working on this Tremor Stabilization Device as a summative year-long project (@aaronchau @lchartra @joelkramer). We are looking forward to engaging with the MMC community!

    As a final year Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering student, I am particularly interested in designing inclusive technologies that augment the quality of life for individuals of all abilities.


    Hello! I work on this project with my colleagues @joelkramer @manpreetdeol @lchartra . I am in my final year of mechanical and biomedical engineering at the University of Calgary.

    I have particular interest in the fields of robotics and human-machine interaction, and play a role in the signal processing and control system design of this Tremor Stabilization Device!


    I am a mechanical engineering undergrad student working alongside @manpreetdeol, @aaronchau and @joelkramer. My focus is on the design and fabrication of the mechanical components for this device.


    Thanks all for sharing your work on this area, look forward to hearing updates!


    Here is an updated video taken from our CAD assembly. When actuated, the linkage exhibits general planar motion so that the tip (highlighted in blue), moves in the x and y directions. This surface will be the attachment point for our utensil’s tip.


    Below is a 3D printed prototype of the above mechanism. 3D printing has acted as an amazing tool to expedite iterations of our design.



    https://www.liftware.com/ is similar concept


    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the input! We discovered Liftware while we were in early development in the fall. What we found is that the the Liftware device is limited in its range of motion which, in turn, limits the range of tremors it can neutralize. Our team hypothesized that we can increase the range of motion of our device by adding one more pivot to our linkage. In the above video you might be able to see that both “end plates” stay parallel at all time! We believe that this is our novel contribution to the problem.


    wish I was closer to be a tester tremors realy stink hope it works.


    Dear Bob,

    Another factor that has driven us in this project is to make our device more financially accessible than our competitor, Liftware. We hope that our progress can make a small dent in helping individuals living with tremor!

    Please let us know if you have any questions. As we develop this design, we are welcoming all of the feedback we can get.


    Exciting progress on the electrical portion of this device. We have functioning Inertial Measurement Units that give us acceleration data in conjunction with Linear Actuators that will drive our mechanical linkage.



    cool keeep at it!


    Our team has been busy finalizing our functional prototype. Although we had usability testing with 3 participants lined up for this upcoming week, we have decided to postpone due to COVID-19 concerns. We will keep you updated with our progress!


    cool keep it up…bob


    Hi @joelkramer @manpreetdeol @aaronchauand @lchartra… just wondering if you have any documentation on this project, this topic came up recently for someone in Winnipeg so thought I would just see if there is anything finalized someone could test. Hope all is well!

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