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    Has anyone every made anything or found things that work well to hold tv remotes on a power chair?



    I need more information.  How good reach and mobility does the user have?  That would help with where to mount it.  Should it be on or near the arm?  Front or rear?  Could it be lower on the frame?  Room for more than one remote?  If arm mounted the type of chair might make a difference.  Arms are different.  My personal chair is a Jazzy Select but I could research others.

    A simple solution might be one of the “saddlebags” that slip over either arm.  Check Amazon for samples.



    Got this response back from the user:

    I feel that saddlebags are too deep and set too far back on the arm I have no reaching ability and need to have something close to my fingers. I can only pick up things with my left hand and there is not much room between my body and this seat. My grip is terrible. Even a pouch for the one remote that was attached to the chair would help. I saw a silicone one for a different promote on Amazon but it did not have wrist string that could be fastened. I would just like something so it doesn’t fall off my lap.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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