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    Hello, I’m looking for an opener to help a young girl unclip a two sided buckle on her walker. Thanks!


    I have a 3D printer and I believe I could model and print an opener that would work for this application.

    I will need more details before I can guarantee completion. Do you have photos or dimensions of this buckle? Many buckles are fairly standardized so even rough dimensions and a photo might be enough information.


    Thank you so much for responding. I have attached two photos of the buckle and the buckle when closed is roughly 3.5cm x 4cm. If you need anything else, please let me know. If you are able to make something, is there a cost and if so, how do we pay? Also, my client is in Surrey BC. Thank you!

    ![IMG_1205|240×320](upload://envAfbZzSdNlF5RmwIrdH7fXDoG.jpeg) ![IMG_1206|240×320](upload://hDqoN77Enkj3KHP0QVpllsDKGi1.jpeg)


    Thanks for reaching out. I saw that and was thinking something like that may work if it had two notches. I have connected with another maker and will see what he can do but thank you for connecting and sharing the idea 🙂



    Thank you for the pictures. I’m confident that I can complete this request. Is one week from today an acceptable delivery date?

    I don’t believe the Unbuckleme would work for your application, it is designed to open (square) pushbutton buckles as opposed to side release buckles.

    In order to have the model work consistently, I will need the exact distance between the release clasps (labeled in red) as well as an estimate for the length of exposed clasp (labeled in blue). Also if you could briefly describe your client’s level of strength/dexterity that would be helpful.

    As for price, I would be willing to print it for free out of ABS plastic (which is what is typically used in the injection molded buckle due to its cost and flexibility as a plastic). I am in the US so shipping costs might be significant. Alternatively, I could 3D model and test the part and then upload the model online for you to print locally.


    Looks like there is a good start on this. I have a question that may help clarify the design intent.

    – is this intended to remain on the strap or be a separate aid?


    One week will be wonderful. Since you are based in the US and mail is taking longer than usual, I am able to print it locally if you are able to send the file.

    I have asked the school for the measurements and will get back to you as soon as I get them.

    Thank you!


    It can be a separate aid. I can always attach it to the walker later if the client would like afterwards. Thanks!


    If you can make a model @msrussell1992, I am confident we can have someone print it locally. @fawzan.fsl you still in Surrey? Or @sgreenwood27 is your 3d printer playing nicely?


    Ah missed your ability to get it printed @kajal, but let us know if things change.


    I’m working on 2 ideas for the buckle opener. The first would require 2 hands to use. It would be operated by holding the clip from below and pressing the tool down on top of the clasp. It would also work as long as the clasp is supported from below like it would be on a table or the padded portion of the walker.

    The other idea is more difficult to model and may result in a delivery delay. It would use a large knob that when twisted would constrict the clasps. This version could work one-handed as long as the buckle is pulled taught or supported from below.

    Also, if there is still the opportunity, a 2D scan (like a standard printer scan) of the buckle with those 2 previously mentioned dimensions would really help out. If it’s too late, it’s not a big deal.


    Thank you! A local high school has offered so we’re good to go 🙂


    Hello, I have the dimensions. Sorry for the delay, just got them today. The width (red line) is 3.1 cm and the clip itself (blue line) is 1.2cm. My client’s strength is pretty good, it’s more of an awkwardness of undoing the buckle when she is buckled in the walker. The fine motor strength is difficult from that angle.

    I’m open to trying the first solution if you think that would work.

    Thank you again!


    Hey everyone!

    Apologies on the delay in response on my end – just wrapping up final exams for the spring term.

    @MMC_Chad I’m happy to help out, if anything changes

    I’m still living in Surrey, BC and can help with 3D Printing and modifying dimensions of a 3D Print

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

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