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    Author: @Zeek
    Description of Idea:
    From user @Daniel
    My 9 y/o son needs arm mount to assist with communication devices. We would like to use it with different chairs he utilizes throughout the day. We have the big red n mini red button along w/ a scanning board. If possible a mount for his 12.5 iPad Pro or a wireless switch. Thank you so much 😊

    MMC Entry I.D: 6288


    Submission from switch expression of interest form from nyc collab event series.

    @emaker @Professor.Zia @stephengduke Once Adam at Adaptive Design joins the forum, wondering if he can help with this one?

    I emailed the user to invite to the forum but also have contact info if needed.(ya’ll have access to the spreadsheet to call as well)

    @angelika @Joanbeatrice @annybaezsilfa @NicoleNavarro


    I can try and reach out to this request to get more details and maybe we can bring this up at our next monthly meeting (4/1) for ideas. We might have the PCB boards by then to make one of the wireless switch interfaces for her?


    You might want to double check with Tamara and Adam re if they are handling this or not. I am trying to get them on the forum. I will send another reminder re the forum to them soon.


    Adaptive Design is following up and will reach out if need support.


    Great-once I hear back I will move to solution in development

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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