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    A universal pin-point seatbelt buckle cover that can go over wheelchair seatbelt buckles to prevent wheelchair users from unbuckling their seatbelts (for safety reasons). As far as I am aware there is only one standard seatbelt cover available to purchase, but it is costly and does not fit every model of seatbelt. I am an occupational therapy student completing a practicum in Long-Term Care in Revelstoke. My preceptor pitched this idea to a local company, but it was too costly to make. She had a supplier make one for her so there is a prototype available. The material needs to be thick enough to restrict breaking but flexible enough to allow it to slip over the seatbelt buckle.


    Hello, we are a MMC chapter in Manitoba. We are interested in this project, but we need some clarification. Would it be possible for you to send us information regarding the prototype you mentioned. Additionally, could you send us some examples of the wheelchairs it would be used for (model numbers). Finally, do you want for us to manufacture and send you the product, or do you just want for us to design it.

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