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    [Can Opener.stl|attachment](upload://gP9UUBYcmbKIHiSZztQgHtQT6Zl.stl) (15.1 KB)

    A simple leverage tool that helps people to open soda/drinks cans. Simply place the hook under the can’s ring pull and pull the handle. We’ve tested this with quite a few users but would love to hear more feedback on the design 🙂

    The design is part of The Assistive Device Academy lesson on The PrintLab Classroom platform. If you’d like to learn how to design it yourself, along with a range of other low-tech devices, you can access [the free project here](https://classroom.weareprintlab.com/p/assistive-device-academy-v2).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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