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    ![assistive page turner|690×388](upload://uHTfDWaTeuhXhuhK56HCPyHuRnY.jpeg)

    [Page Turner.stl|attachment](upload://eNipzqZHyV8aopTzqkqpAgGukEi.stl) (325.7 KB)

    A simple device that helps people to turn pages when reading. To assemble the device, slot a rubber thimble onto the end of the model. Most standard sized rubber thimbles should fit snug onto the device. The one shown in the picture is 18mm in diameter at its opening. Please note that some of the commercial thimbles may have latex so care must be taken for people with allergies.

    To use the device, simply place your fingers through the handle and rest your thumb on the central section as shown in the image. The rubber thimble should provide plenty of friction to easily turn pages with just a small amount of pressure.

    We’ve tested this with a few users but would love to hear more feedback on its use and ergonomics. Thanks!


    One aspect to consider is that some of the commercial thimbles may have latex – need to be careful as certain people will have allergies.


    That’s a great point Jake. I’ll edit my original post to include that info. Would be great if we could just 3D print a textured pattern but not sure it would give enough friction when trying to turn pages.


    I know there are definitely silicon versions of the finger caps, but a printable or other readily available alternative may still be worth exploring. A textured pattern could work, or perhaps even just something to wrap a rubber band around.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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