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    With your right hand damaged it is hard to operate a most in a keyboard so I found some proprietary software that allows you to use the most 20% of commands 80% of the time using your voice. Keyboard shortcuts. The software is JoMe-applications.com please download it it’s free from the Microsoft store and try it cuz we want to build a better version. For specialized software applications. Dragon Naturally speak works well for things like spreadsheets and typing in documents but is so sophisticated to be able to send keystrokes it’s almost useless you have to be a programmer. Download it try it give me some feedback. I know the developer I’m trying to purchase it and redevelop it to be better than what it is cuz I know it needs to be done I’ve been using it for 2 months now with a fully replaced right arm. My email is d r w o l f e @shaw.ca no spaces download it try it give me some feedback. Just take the existing technology and make it better. I know the programmer so try it tell me what you don’t like and we’ll try to do a new build. I use the standard I for computer with a wireless Bluetooth headset to be able to get access to hotkey commands. Give me your feedback.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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