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    Looking for a solution to add weight to a generic coffee mug (single handle) to help reduce tremors. Many commercially available weighted mugs look like sippy cups, which is not desirable for some users. Ideally, a DIY solution would be removable so the user could take it to a restaurant with them.

    Does anyone know of any good commercial or DIY solutions for this?


    I am a highschool student interested in designing something for you, would something that can clamp around the bottom of most regular sized coffee mugs, and potentially have adjustable weights work for you? Also how much weight would you be looking to add to the coffee mug? I have the ability to 3d print this and send it too you as well.


    Hi, @rivertownsend , sorry for the late reply! Something that could clamp to the bottom of a generic mug is definitely a possibility. A good goal would be for it to be removeable as well. Weight wise, being able to adjust the weight would be ideal so the user can test what works best for them. Probably about half a pound would be a good place to start. I am also able to 3D print any designs you come up with. Thanks so much for taking a crack at this! Also, just to add the note that this post is more for brainstorming ideas at the moment, but happy to test any designs you want to try.


    Hello,  my friends and I are high school students at Belmont Hill School in Belmont, Massachusetts. We would be delighted to help with your needs. We can design the attachment and make it then send it to you. You can reach us at


    Hi @coughlinjo , thanks for being willing to make a design for this. I myself am a maker and can likely build the design as well, but if you’re open to coming up with a design, I am happy to help test it with the user in mind and provide feedback/modify it for their specific needs.


    Hey @stephenm , would you be able to schedule a Zoom meeting with us, you can reach our email so we can set up a time to discuss the project.


    Just a note to all who are responding to this post. This request comes from a friend for their grandpa and the aim of this post is more to brainstorm potential solutions and methods to help give me a head start on a design for this. That said, I can build any designs you may come up with and connect with the user to test them. Thanks in advance for any help!


    This is it. This is the design, when it is printed, you attach a rubber piece to the inside of the pillars so it sticks onto the cup. It is roughly an extra half a pound extra but only fit’s one size of a cup. If you would like you could take the design and edit it to be bigger or smaller to fit any other mugs you may have. The current one fits roughly the average mug.


    This link may be better.

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