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    How are your projects going so far?
    We have a troubleshooting session Jan 11(I sent ya’ll a calendar invite-let me know if you didn’t get it)
    What do you want to learn/go over?

    One of the things I initially struggle with is I thought that scratch was glitching out because I used long audio files, but turns out, I didn’t have my wristband on tight enough to ground myself! Silly me! Seriously such an easy fix!

    Maybe we can help you with an easy fix too!
    @valill  @zhangcu2  @mlfarmer @jbengall1  @jbengall  @ypeterso  @lorilambert @david.markowitz @Gurbaksh_Singh

    @Butzuk  @lyonsm  @gravescolleen


    My project is going well so far! I was wondering if anybody has ideas for better storage of the makey makey? There’s lots of pieces included, but I like to keep it half way set up before a session. Any ideas on how to keep it organized and safe? Also, I’d love a list of conductive materials! My non-science brain would really appreciate that!


    Thanks, Zee. I would like to attend the troubleshooting session but I haven’t received a calendar invite. I would like to have more information about the wristband, the one I have seems not the right one. Thanks.


    Honestly, I haven’t been working to much on it during the holidays. Anne Page and I are meeting this Friday to troubleshoot our projects. When I tried briefly to make my playdough switches it didn’t work. I didn’t try too hard at the time to sleuth the solution. Do you have any suggestions off the top of your head?

    I will definitely reach out if Anne and I reach a dead end!

    Happy New Year!

    You make a difference,

    Lori Lambert, COTA/L
    Amy Houston
    T.G. Barr
    M.O. Bush


    I seem to remember shipping you one but I will check tomorrow morning


    I am working on a little cardboard box with holes cut for the alligator clips to poke up and attach.
    Once I get it done I will post.(This particular project I’m working on isn’t for AT but works in a similar way)

    I know one of our makers @brentcourson is going to help @zhangcu2 Tracy with the same thing re the box, would be awesome to see how it turns out!

    I also found I could use other wires (long thin ones), not just alligator clips so I could actually poke the wire through the hole and twist it.


    @gravescolleen can it be regular playdoh or does it have to be the conductive kind?


    Zee, Thanks, you did introduce a local seller to me, I got the bracelet from him for only $1, it seems not quite right.


    **Hey Tracy,**

    Am Not sure about your location but here is one link for your reference to the AntiStatic Wrist Band, looks nice as per customer reviews , CAD$3.99

    Cheers..!! :smiley:


    Thanks, Gurbaksh. That is good to know. I will buy one of those. I am living in Michigan.


    I will buy it Tracy no worries!


    Hi Zee,
    That question answers one of my questions. I was using regular play dough would I had a foil tab to make it conductive?

    You make a difference,

    Lori Lambert, COTA/L
    Amy Houston
    T.G. Barr
    M.O. Bush


    re the foil tabs, I don’t think that would work as well..
    I used to teach lessons using conductive dough, cheap and easy to make though it took me a couple times to get it right(I am not great at following instructions)



    Squishy Circuits


    Awesome….thank you for this.

    You make a difference,

    Lori Lambert, COTA/L
    Amy Houston
    T.G. Barr
    M.O. Bush


    I have an issue that maybe I can get best resolved in the trouble shooting session. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. It works as it looks in this picture. I have the alligator clip clipped onto conductive tape on cardboard. When you push on the play-doh it activates. However, when I put the 3D tactile symbol on top of the playdoh and push down, nothing happens. Any ideas? (Please understand I have little to no understanding of electronics and circuits)

    Val ![Makey Makey Project 1|375×500](upload://aMd2qw4QdesSG1Igt0WY5EIjo2q.jpeg)

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