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    I need something that mounts to the back of my wheelchair that can hold an umbrella so I can stay dry.



    My name is Jake and I would be happy to help you out with this! Can you please send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss further?




    Hello, we would love to help you for a school project! Please email [email protected] and you can provide us more details?




    Hello @ryem, our team at Eisenhower Middle school would like to be at service for your needs. If you would like to put any suggestions that would be helpful, if you cant then thats okay. -from  Eisenhower middle school, Period 6, Team 1


    Hi  @ryem

    I think this is a great project! As an occasional wheelchair user myself, I could definitely see an umbrella holder coming in handy.

    I would love to connect on this. Even if it is already in progress or completed, I would still like to see the design.
    If you are still looking for help on the design, I’m happy to help out!


    Jess Newhouse (she/her)

    Chapter Leader Plainfield, IL


    Is this still a need?  Can you share the specific wheelchair model that you need it designed for?


    Hi, this looks like a fun challenge- thanks for posting your need on Makers Making Change. We are in a middle school design class and would love to help for a school project! Could you provide more details?  Specifically, we would like to know what model of wheelchair you are using, and some details about yourself- where do you live, what types of activities do you do in your wheelchair?  What are your favorite colors and anything else you would like to share about your needs, preferences or interests to help personalize our design.

    You can respond here directly or email our teacher at



    Here is a product which you can take a look at!

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    Hi, My name is Gabriel but you can call me Gabe me and a couple of friends are wondering if we could help you with your problem. Please reach out to me at [email protected] I hope we can help you out!!


    Hi my name is Miriam Nyers,

    Two other friends and I are doing a 3D printing project for school, we would love to help you out in any possible way. We have many different ideas and would love to discuss further about this fantastic idea.

    Please contact via Gmail – [email protected]

    We are so excited to help…


    Kind regards,

    Miriam Nyers


    Hello, my name is Zac,

    My friend Alex and I have a school project on 3D printing and we are interested in helping you in your situation. We have a lot of ideas on how we may help you.


    We have some inquiries if you are comfortable answering them that would be great.

    What wheelchair do you own?

    When do you need it by?

    What things do you do to manage your limitations?


    Kind Regards,

    Zac and Alex


    Hello, we are students from a Croatian high-school Zvane Črnje, Rovinj. We are interested in making the wheelchair umbrella holder that you requested. We could use a photo off the wheelchair that you have so that we can make a design. When we make the design we are going to have to ask for dimensions wich we need.


    Hi, our group would be pleased to create a design to build so you can hold your umbrella. We come from the secondary school Zvane Črnje in Rovinj, Croatia. We would like to request the dimensions of you wheelchair so we can properly measure it and make the contraption a snug fit. We would like a reply back as soon as possible so we could get to work.


    Hello we are studens from Rovinj, Croatia. We attend a High school Zvane Črnja. Our group name is Doktori we want to help u attach your umbrella to your wheelchair. Please send the dimensions you need it to be so we can start working on it as soon as possible.

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