Attempting the #ATWorldRecord wasn’t the only thing we were doing on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd. We also hosted a number of exciting builds with organizations and schools across Canada.

Prospect Calgary Memory Loss Music Player Build

a Zoom screenshot of the build with everyone showing off their music players

Out west, Prospect Calgary staff took part in a Memory Loss Music Player build. After learning all about making and how Makers Making Change works, they got to partake firsthand, making music player devices reminiscent of 1940’s music players as a simple way to play music for people with memory loss.

The device’s inventor, Ross Porter, was on hand to help guide the build. The Memory Loss Music Players are being donated throughout Calgary.

Ecole Mgr-Martin Device Build

students making devices

Heading east, 34 Grade 6 students from Ecole Mgr-Martin in Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick took part in a device build, building 10 switches and dice spinners. This build was done in French.

Canada Life Toy Hack

a screenshot of the build held over a Zoom meeting. Everyone is showing off their adapted toys

As part of their contribution to the community, Canada Life employees from Manitoba and Ontario used their corporately supported community volunteer day hours to help provide Adapted Toys for children with disabilities.

They started off the day by participating in our #ATWorldRecord. Then they participated in a toy hack, guided by our Central Region staff. This also marked our first time we’ve done a solderless hack with this toy.

the adapted toy with a front and back view, showing the switch adaptation

Makers Making Change Central Region coordinator Suzanne Winterflood poses with the Movement Centre of Manitoba staff in front of a Christmas tree and with the toys in front.

The toys are being donated to organizations in Winnipeg, including to the Movement Centre of Manitoba (pictured above).

Canada Life will be participating in another toy hack on December 20th.

January 2022 update:

Makers Making Change distributed some of the toys from the Canada Life build to St.Amant.

“On behalf of the Jordan’s Principle team at St.Amant, I am extending appreciation for the generous donation of toys made recently by your volunteers. The plan is to deliver these toys to children in some of our more remote fly-in communities that do not typically have access to these kind of resources,” says Suzanne M., a social worker at St.Amant.