As part of our Youth Making Change initiative, we’ve welcomed aboard many new members to our team to help us out with engineering and community outreach.

Take a moment to meet the new faces at Makers Making Change.

Kyle (Community Admin Intern – Burnaby, BC)

MMC intern Kyle holding up a key turner

“Hi, I’m Kyle! I’m 24-years-old and I’m a recent graduate from The University of British Columbia where I completed a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology. While in school, I discovered a passion for marketing, brand development, and social media content creation. I’m excited to be joining the team at Makers Making Change as the Community Admin Intern where I’m focusing on outreach and digital marketing. What drew me to MMC was its admirable mission of making assistive technology more accessible to people with disabilities. Fun fact about me: I never learned how to hold a pencil the ‘correct’ way after breaking my arm in grade 2.”

Heather (Outreach Intern – Edmonton, Alberta)

MMC intern Heather holding a reading bar

With a background in biology and education, Heather loves to find ways to help youth thrive in school and their personal lives. She sees the use of assistive technology is a bridge to success – both in the design process and its use. She joined the MMC team after partnering with them in Summer 2022, where she helped youth explore and build assistive tech. She is very passionate about helping bring assistive technology forward into public consciousness and her favourite devices are the Reading Bars. Reading Bars help people who struggle with reading stay on the same line, an experience close to Heather’s heart. Outside of work, Heather enjoys board games, crafting, and musical theatre.

Josie (Engineering Intern – Fredericton, New Brunswick)

MMC Intern Josie with a Light Touch Switch

With a background in mechanical engineering, Josie has always had an interest in biomechanical engineering and human centered design. Working in the assistive technology field introduced her to Makers Making Change and she was drawn to how they work to make assistive technology more accessible, customizable, and affordable. Josie is excited to be a member of the engineering team and to help with outreach in the Eastern region. Josie’s favourite device is the Light Touch Switch because it is a simple switch that is easy to make, easy to activate, and very affordable. Josie also loves how many things can be made possible using an accessible switch, whether it’s gaming, using the computer, controlling a switch adapted toy, or so much more! Outside of work, Josie likes to spend time with friends and family, try out new restaurants, or watch a good show.

Erik (Engineering Intern – Victoria, BC)

MMC intern Erik holding an MMC60 Switch

“I am a third-year mechanical engineering student from the University of Victoria, taking a co-op with Makers Making Change. I am someone who always has personal projects on the go, from working on cars to teaching myself blacksmithing: I love exploring new ideas. I am recovering from a physical disability to my dominant hand but found that with adaptive aids, I could continue pursuing the things I love. After hearing about MMC at school, I knew it would be a great environment to work, learn, and help others continue to pursue their passions. So far, my favourite device is the MMC60 Switch. It was my first attempt at 3D printing a device, and I find the internal design quite fascinating.”

Brad (Engineering Intern – Victoria, BC)

MMC intern Brad holding an MMC60 Switch

“I graduated from the University of Victoria in August 2022 with a degree in mechanical engineering with specialization in Mechatronics, Computer Aided Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing. I’m working at MMC as an Engineering Intern on the R&D team developing new AT devices. I enjoy working at MMC because it gives me a chance to help people and do something useful with my degree. My favourite device so far is the MMC60 Switch. It’s very well designed and has a really satisfying click when you press it. In my spare time, I enjoy woodworking, rock climbing, and reading.”

Stephan (Engineering and Outreach Intern – Kingston, Ontario)

MMC intern Stephan holding an MMC60 Switch

Stephan has always been interested in using engineering to help improve the lives of other people. The desire to help others lead him to complete his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering with the Building and Designing Assistive Technology (BDAT) Lab at Queen’s University, where he learned more about universal and user-centred design, and assistive devices. Through the BDAT Lab and subsequent teaching at Queen’s, Stephan learned about MMC and he jumped at the opportunity to join the team as Outreach and Engineering Intern. Stephan is excited to help grow the MMC community in Ontario, create new devices, and improve existing designs. Stephan’s favourite device is the MMC60 Switch because of its versatility and customizability. When he’s not working you can find Stephan enjoying the outdoors by hiking, climbing, and canoeing, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Aidan (Outreach Intern – Halifax, Nova Scotia)

A man in a black jacket holding an adapted RC car and remote

I’ve always been interested in finding people’s strengths and using them to create connections with others. I was drawn to Makers Making Change after hearing stories of the many ways they bring out the abilities of the makers through events that build empowerment and community. My favorite device is the Remote Control Car Switch Adapted Toy. Adapting the car was the first build I was a part of and it showed me how accessibility switches can really put you in the driver’s seat towards building autonomy. Outside of work you can usually find me watering my porch garden or corralling friends together for a board game night.