On the UN International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3rd, the Neil Squire Prairie Regional Office chose to donate assistive supports to a local elementary school, École Dr AE Perry Elementary School, in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Chelsea Osiowy (left), Monique Bowes (Principal), and Christopher Weber (right- Vice Principal) show off the assistive technology
Left to right: Neil Squire Assistive Technology Specialist Chelsea Osiowy, Monique Bowes (Dr AE Perry Elementary Principal), and Christopher Weber (Dr AE Perry Elementary Vice Principal) show off the assistive devices.

A community member shared that she wished these supports were available to her when she was a kid at the elementary, motivating our Prairie staff to donate to them!

The school actually provided our staff with a list of supports on their ”wish list” based on student need in their classrooms. Our office donated supports for students with Dyslexia, ADHD, visual impairments, and Makers Making Change supports to work with the school to provide them with technology they need more of, and also introduce new technology.

The principal shared that they can’t wait to use these with the students, especially the C-Pen readers and magnifiers!

February 2022 Update:

The owner of Elle’s Café, pictured with Neil Squire Prairie region staff, were the inspiration for the donation to Dr AE Perry Elementary School. “Their amazing staff, programs and understanding of my silent disability changed my life,” says Elle. Elle’s Café is a raffle sponsor for our upcoming Princess Ball fundraising event in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The owner of Elle’s Café, pictured with Neil Squire Prairie region staff