Device Details


The Arm-mounted Pen Holder is an assistive device designed to help persons with spinal cord injuries write using a pen. To achieve this, the device creates a stable writing position by attaching to the arm behind the wrist, and to the pointer finger. Having a more stable position allows the end-user to write by moving their arm rather than their wrist/hand.


To attach the device, the end-user places the larger, circular opening over their arm above their wrist. With the device attached to their arm, the end-user will then place their pointer finger through the smaller opening at the front.

Build Instructions

Building the Arm-mounted Pen Holder is easy. With the main portion, 3D printed, press-fit the ink capsule of a disposable pen into the slot that is to the right of the pointer finger.

Bill of Materials

  • 1 x 3D print pen holder device
  • 1 x Writing utensil

Print Instructions

Print the STL file at 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill, with supports in PLA.


This design was created by Julia and Paula from Los Makers as part of the Make:Able Challenge.