Device Details


The Assistive Hair Dryer Handle is a 3D printed adaptive handle designed to be used by people that have arthritic hands. It provides a larger spherical surface to gently rests in the palm for a more comfortable grip.

Bill of Materials

1 x 3D printed hair dryer holder (customizable in TinkerCAD)

1 x 3/4″ width double sided velcro (,

Customization & Print Instructions

Customize the assistive handle to fit the desired hair dryer and the user’s hand. First, size the outer spherical dimension of the TinkerCAD file to fit the user’s hand. Estimate the size needed using spherical objects around the house (like a tennis ball, baseball, circular doorknob, etc.). Next, measure the widest width on the hair dryer handle and modify the inner cutout on TinkerCAD file to fit.

A render of the Assistive Hair Dryer Handle

Print the STL file at 0.3mm layer height, 20% infill, and no supports in PLA.

Build Instructions

Cut a strip of velcro to loop through the 3d print and tightening the strap until the assistive holder is snug around the hair dryer handle.


This design was created by Celine, Cate, Lila, and Trudi from Stratford Academy as part of the Make:Able Challenge.