Device Details


The Assistive Scoop is a device designed to assist users in picking up objects off of the floor. This device is designed to assist individuals with spinal cord injuries. The handle of this device is a modified version of Makers Making Change’s Palm Pen Holder.


To use the device, the end-user places their hand into the handle and gently grips the handle.

Build Instructions

Building the Assistive Scoop requires no assembly with the main portion being 3D printed. Once the device has been 3D printed the device is ready for use.

Bill of Materials

  • 1 x 3D print bottle opener device

Print Instructions

Print the STL file at 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill, with no supports needed, printed in PLA


This design was created by the team members of team Inspirational Kids, Nate, Cole, Caleb as part of the Make:Able Challenge.