Device Details


The DIY Cardboard Switch is a simple adaptive switch built using common household items. The switch works as a simple on or off button while attached to an electronic toy or appliance. The user can activate the switch in order to safely turn the item on or off. When given access to a switch, the user becomes an active participant in accessing the item. With the addition of a Makey Makey, the user can access computer programs or games. One such activity allows the user to play bongos sounds with each press of the switch.


In order to use the DIY Cardboard Switch, the user must connect the Makey Makey Classic and the switch(es) as shown in the How To guide. Once the user connects the devices, the user can press the switch(es) in order to control the chosen action(s).

Build Instructions

Information on building the DIY Cardboard Switch can be found in the Makey Makey How To guide linked. Additionally, links for the items required to build the project are also found in the guide.


Made by: Katie Butzu & Mark Lyons