Device Details


The Enabled Controller Wireless is an open-source switch interface that enables adaptive switches and analog joysticks to be used with a compatible Bluetooth device such as a computer, tablet, or phone. The switches and/or joysticks can be used to input keyboard, mouse, or joystick commands, depending on how the device is configured. The device accepts up to 8 adaptive switches (3.5 mm) and up to two dual axis analog joysticks as inputs.

The Enabled Controller Wireless can emulate a Bluetooth keyboard or a Bluetooth mouse.


  1. Connect assistive switch(es) to the appropriate input port(s). The switch input ports are labeled  A, B, C, D, Left, Down, Right, Up.
  2. Connect analog joysticks to the desired joystick input ports. The joystick input ports are labelled A1 and A2.
  3. Connect a micro USB cable to the Power Bank to power the Enabled Controller Wireless if you are not using the internal battery.
  4. Connect the Enabled Controller Wireless to the host device (e.g. computer, tablet) via Bluetooth.
    • Turn On the Bluetooth feature on the host device.
    • Scan and find a device named “Enabled-Controller”.
    • Pair and connect the host device to the “Enabled-Controller”
    • The RGB LED will turn to blue on successful connection attempt.
  5. Activation of the switches or movement of the joysticks will result in different actions depending on the software version and operating mode.


The Wireless version emulates a keyboard or a mouse. Refer to the Enabled Controller Wireless User Manual for more details.

The USB version offers the following four modes:
1) Keyboard switch

When a connected switch is activated, the device transmits a customizable keystroke.

2) Keyboard Morse Code

Two connected switches are used to input Morse code dots and dashes. Theses dots and dashes are converted to characters and transmitted as keystrokes.

3) Mouse Morse Code

Two connected switches are used to input Morse code dots and dashes. These dots and dashes are converted to and transmitted as mouse commands.

4) Mouse

5) Settings

( Used to change reaction time )

The mode is changed by performing a long press on a switch connected to input D.

Build Instructions

A complete set of documentation, including Bill of Materials, Assembly Guide, and User guide are available at the GitHub link.

The estimated cost of the Enabled Controller Wireless is $77 CAD. The device consists of a number of off-the-shelf electronic components, a custom printed circuit board, a 3d printed enclosure, and some mechanical fasteners.