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We are hosting numerous #HackingForTheHoliday events across Canada, where volunteers are adapting a wide range of toys in time for this holiday season. These are all battery operated toys, that will take assistive switch input to activate. These adaptive toys can be very expensive to purchase, so we are purchasing the standard toys and working with volunteers across Canada to adapt them.

Are you interested in receiving a free toy in time for the holidays*? Please make a request here by clicking the black request button above.

We can not guarantee the exact toys that we will have adapted by our volunteers, but some examples of toys that we will be adapting include bubble blowers, spinning light wands, and battery operated flush and hard cased toys by Fisher Price and Leap Frog.

If you are a therapist, work in childhood development or otherwise do this work professionally and can help us use and distribute toys to multiple families you serve, please get in touch.

If you wish to make a donation to support our campaign to hack 500 toys in time for the holidays, you can make a donation online.

*This campaign and free toy is only available in Canada this year.