Device Details


The Hula Hoop Game Controller is an adaptive controller which helps aid gross motor coordination for upper and lower extremities. A user can use the device to control directional keys on a computer. This allows the user to add fun games to their therapeutic activities. While sitting or standing, the user is able to operate the controller with their upper extremities. Additionally, the user can place the controller on the floor in order to to use it with their lower extremities while sitting.


In order to use the Hula Hoop Game Controller, the user must connect the Makey Makey Classic and Hula Hoop as done in the How To guide. Once the user connects the devices, the user can hold or touch any of the conductive tape areas to control the corresponding directional keys.

Build Instructions

Information on how to build the Hula Hoop Game Controller can be found in the Makey Makey How To guide linked. Links for the items required to build the project are also found in the link.


Made by: Katie Butzu & Mark Lyons