Device Details

This lever switch is based upon the discontinued Mounting Switch previously produced by Don Johnston Developmental Equipment, Inc. It utilizes a microswitch connected to a 3.5 mono plug. The basic configuration includes a base housing (for the switch, cable run, and mounting hardware) and an activation arm. The switch is activated by depressing the extended arm on the device.

Mounting can be done using a thumbscrew with a ¼” rod (vertical or horizontal) or using the optional T-nut base.
• If mounting to a rod, a thumbscrew is needed to tighten the switch to the rod and an M3 screw is needed to hold the bottom of the compression spring inside the housing.
• If mounting to a ¼”-20 mount, the thumbscrew and M3 are omitted. A T-nut is inserted into the base, which snaps onto the bottom of the housing.

3D Printing Instructions are included in the zip file of 3D files with directions for orientation and what parts are necessary based on your mounting configuration. Parts can be printed at 0.16mm and 20{039027a8d5ea1dbe724edad0fccf57f8ce2cb2ddf838a89881538f69f8f20e70} infill using PLA.

Materials for the build are attached, and include both US and Canada sources.