Device Details


This mouthstick holder is designed to allow someone to place a mouthstick (or another tool) on the holder and then retrieve it whenever they need it again.

The holder is designed such that most smartphone mounts can be used to mount it.

Magnets are inserted inside the holder, and then a couple small magnetic objects (bobby pins, paper clips, etc.) are attached to the mouthstick so it is attracted to the magnets.

Since the magnets are in a line and the holder is curved, the mouthstick snaps into place when it is placed close to the holder. This leaves it within easy reach to be retrieved for use.



  • 1X 3D Printed Mouthstick Holder v1.stl
  • 1X 3D Printed Magnet Cover for Mouthstick Holder v1.stl
  • 12 x 4 mm neodymium magnets (12mm diameter, 4mm thickness) (e.g., Amazon Link)
  • Bobby pins/paper clips/small magnetic objects
  • Tape

Build Instructions

1. View demo video:
2. Print Mouthstick Holder and Magnet Cover (see link to Thingiverse for files)
3. Remove supports
4. Insert magnets into the holder. Be careful that magnets are secured such that they do not fly towards each other and cause injury.
5. Slide magnet cover in the slot on the back of the holder
6. Mount holder on phone mount or similar mounting device



Designed by the SpaceHolders: Jessica Steinberg, Warren Lester, and Amelia Glenn