Device Details


This colourful cartoon remote controlled car has been switch adapted so it can be controlled with two 3.5 mm assistive switches. This adaptation is intended for users that have difficulty activating the small buttons on the remote.


To use, plug in two assistive switches to the two mono jacks on the back of the remote. When the assistive switch is activated, it will act like the buttons on the remote. The left mono jack (when looking from the front) will act like the left button and will move the car forwards. The right mono jack (when looking from the front) will act like the right button and will move the car backwards and turn.

Back of a remote for a remote controlled car. There are two assistive switches plugged into it, and there are blue arrows showing that the left switch is for the reverse and turn motion and the right switch is for the forwards motion.


The total cost of this switch adapted remote-controlled car is around $30.35 CAD plus tax. A more detailed breakdown is in the Bill of Materials.

Build Instructions

The necessary files and information required to switch adapt the toy switch are available in the linked GitHub repository. The build consists of a commercially available toy and some electronic components. Refer to the file RC_Car_Assembly_Guide.

Skills Required

  • Soldering

Time Required

Assembly: ~1 hour


  • Drill with ¼” bit
  • Small flat head or Phillips screwdriver
  • Flush cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Permanent marker


3D Printing

This design does not have any 3D printed components.


This design does not require any programming.



The method and documentation were developed by Neil Squire / Makers Making Change.