Device Details

The switch adapted Paw Patrol bubble machine is a fun way for children with disabilities to blow bubbles and play with their family and friends.

This modification, created by the HuskyADAPT group at University of Washington, allows a single switch input to spin the bubble wand and blow air.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Soldering iron with solder
  • Drill with 5/32 drill bit
  • 3.5 mm mono jack
  • 22-gauge wires, two 20 cm lengths
  • Wire strippers
  • Zip tie


  1. Carefully disassemble the toy to reveal the internal wires and hardware.
  2. On the rear plastic shell, mark the spot where you’ll insert the mono jack.
  3. Using a 5/32 drill bit, drill a hole making sure to avoid hitting any internal motors.
  4. Prepare the two 20 cm length of 22-gauge wires. Strip both ends of the wire to reveal the two internal wires, one sheathed in plastic and the other exposed. Twist the exposed wire.
  5. On the sheathed wire, strip 0.5 cm of the plastic and twist the wire.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 with the second piece of 20 cm length wire.
  7. Insert one end of each wire into the tip and sleeve of the mono jack. Depending on the mono jack you have, it may look like these.
  8. With the two remaining wire ends, solder it to the part depicted below.HuskyADAPT Bubble Blower soldering the wires
  9. Test the switch adaption by plugging in a switch into the mono jack.
  10. Remove the metal ring on the mono jack. Insert the mono jack into the drilled hole from the inside of the toy and twist on the metal ring onto the jack from the outside to secure it in place.
  11. Put back the toy together and replace the screws removed earlier.

About the Organization

HuskyADAPT is a group based out of University of Washington that adapts toys for children with disability in Washington. They have an growing open-source list of adaptable toys ( with videos of how it works.