Device Details


A gimbaled to-go coffee cup holder. Designed to clamp a bar 20-30mm in diameter, as well as flatter things, like dashboards, etc. The diameter should fit a large double walled cup or similar, but there’s an adapter to fit other things if required. This cup holder comes with two orientations, a vertical clamp and a horizontal clamp. To find existing remixes, visit 


The Universal Travel Coffee Gimbal can be mounted to shafts or flat-edged overhangs by tightening the 3D printed nut and bolt going through the clamp portion. The clamp has a flat edge adapter to help it better grip onto flat-edged overhangs.  

The cup holding portion fits most typical Medium to Large sized coffee cups from coffee shops, while the Small Cup Adapter will likely be required for most Small sized cups and some smaller diameter Medium cups. 


The device cost is approximately $3.41 worth of 3D printed parts. 

Build Instructions 


  • 3D printing 


  • Approximately 10.5 hours to print required parts 
  • 5 minutes to assemble 


  • Gimbal (Horizontally or vertically clamped) 
  • Bolt 
  • Nut 
  • Clamp (requires supports) 
  • Optional Long Bolt 
  • Optional Small Cup Adapter 
  • Optional Flat Surface Adapter 


Design created by Mobiobi on, with a Creative Commons (4.0 International License) Attribution-NonCommercial license. Documentation by Neil Squire / Makers Making Change Released under a CC BY SA 4.0 License: