Request for Blister Pack Opener (7106, )

Hola me interesaria imprimirlo

Request for Reading Bar – Flat

Hi! This is Rebekah at the Moncton Neil Squire office. I am requesting the reading rulers for students. I would take a few of them please!

Request for Raindrop Switch (V8R 2C6, )

I would like the cord to be 12 ft, please.
Thank you.

Request for Tube Opener (54724, )

Thank you!!!

Request for Swivel Wheelchair Cup Holder (54724, )


Request for 3D Printed Low Tech Assistive Devices Kit (54724, )

Thanks you!!

Request for Universal Travel Coffee Gimbal (54724, )

Thanks so much!!

Request for Blister Pack Opener (54724, )

Thanks so much!!!

Request for Gas Cap Opener (35806, )

I was so excited to see this since this is a task I often struggle with! My car has a normal gas cap but it is a Nissan Rouge 2015 if that makes a difference.

Request for Smartphone Magnification Stand (32003, )

I am the specialist for the visually impaired and would love at least 10 of these for students who us their phones to access printed documents. (We have 300 visually impaired students in Duval County)

Request for Bottle Opener (96001, )

I’ve recently been diagnosed with nerve damage in my arm. I’m just about to move out of my childhood home, and one of the things I’m scared for living alone with is my inability to open most things. This device could really really help! Thank you so much for what you do 🙂
Sincerely, Bella