Curious about how adaptive gaming works? Tyler Fentie, project lead on our new adaptive gaming project, is here to answer your questions in this edition of #AskAnExpert.

A person gaming with the Xbox Adaptive Gaming controller in front of a TV

What is the difference between gaming and adaptive gaming?

The separation between the two categories of gaming is only in the hardware or software that is used to play the game. Traditional gaming uses controllers from a console such as PlayStation or uses a mouse and keyboard set up for PC gaming. Adaptive gaming uses assistive technology such as switches, modified controllers, software adaptations, or other alternative devices to control the game. At the core all gamers just love to experience different worlds and grow their skill. You likely wouldn’t know that someone is using assistive technology to game if you were playing virtually with them.

What is your favourite part of working on the adaptive gaming project so far?

I have truly loved being able to spend my time in a space that has given so much to me my whole life. Gaming was and still is a major part of how I socialize and how I identify. Working with folks that are new to adaptive gaming and using open-source technology to either introduce them to gaming or reintroduce them to gaming in a different way has been so fun.

What’s the best Xbox Adaptive Gaming (XAC) hack you’ve seen?

I have found that finding open source joysticks have been very difficult for the XAC. Therefore, I have to say the 3D printed XAC joystick adapter by user EgonHeuson has to be up there. I have just recently printed to try it out and am finding it works quite well as a low cost solution.

Also watch out for @msft_inclusive_tech_lab and their upcoming series on XAC hacks! I am really looking forward to seeing those.

How do you game with the function of only one hand?

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