There are many different use cases and needs when it comes to carrying around your personal belongings. When on the move, sometimes it can be difficult to keep everything secure, especially something like a full coffee cup. This guide will help walk through some of the steps you can take to find the perfect cup/bottle holder for your needs to prevent you spilling your beverage while on the go.

MMC Library Devices

In our Assistive Device Library, we have several cup holders available to help users with a variety of use cases. We also have a customizable sizing ring available to modify existing larger cup holders to better fit your cup/bottle.

Swivel Wheelchair Cup Holder

Picture of a Swivel Wheelchair Cup Holder mounted to a wheelchair with a coffee cup inside

This is a cup holder that can be placed on the underside of a wheelchair armrest and can be swiveled underneath the armrest when not in use. It is designed to fit various cup and mug sizes, including multiple diameters and depths. The holder can be 3D printed in a variety of materials such as PETG or PLA. The swivel cup holder is designed for a wheelchair armrest that has a flat underside and can use a hook and loop strap around the top to secure it into place.

Cup Holder for Walker

Picture of insulated cup inside walker cup holder mounted to a walker.

This is a cup holder for a collapsible/foldable walker. It is designed to fit various insulated tumblers. The holder can be 3D printed in a variety of materials such as PETG or PLA. The holder is designed for a walker with 29 mm diameter tubing and an insulated cup with an outer diameter of about 78 mm. (e.g. Yeti 30 oz Tumbler or RTIC 30 oz tumbler).

Universal Travel Coffee Gimbal

Photo of the Universal Travel Coffee Gimbal clamped to a round bar holding a disposable coffee cup with the Small Cup Adapter.

A gimbaled to-go coffee cup holder. Designed to clamp a bar 20-30mm in diameter, as well as flatter things, like dashboards, etc. The diameter should fit a large double walled cup or similar, but there’s an adapter to fit other things if required. This cup holder comes with two orientations, a vertical clamp and a horizontal clamp.

Commercially Available Devices

There are many commercially available cup holders that take various forms. From bicycle water bottle holders to anti-tipping desk top holders. A simple google search can sometimes yield what you’re looking for at an affordable cost. Some different options are:

Anti-spill Tabletop Cup Holders: This style of cup holder allows you to set down your mug or cup and prevent it from being tipped over when knocked from the side. Some require a smooth surface to work on, and it is important to note that when selecting your cup holder.

Bicycle Bottle Holder: This style of bottle holder is very secure and requires a shaft to be mounted on. Bicycle bottle holders are readily available for low costs at many stores or online.

Ram Mount (alternative): Ram mount cup and bottle holders allow for more adjustable mounting options. Most feature some sort of gimbal that allows the cup or bottle to sway with movement, reducing spilling.

Drop-in Cup Holders: These cup holders are akin to a cup holder in a car or movie theatre arm rest. The wide brim allows for very large containers to be held. These can be used along with a 3D printable sizing ring to create a specific custom sized cup holder.

Other Aids for Cup Holders

Water Bottle Loop

Two cable ties can make it easier for someone with low hand dexterity to remove a water bottle from a water bottle holder. To make this work, one cable tie is looped through a second one. One cable ties provides a loop for the user to grab while the second cable ties is tightened around the neck of the water bottle. This will work better on a water bottle that has a narrow section.

Sizing ring *Coming Soon

The OpenSCAD Sizing Ring allows a user to easily decrease the size of their existing cup holder to better fit a specific beverage container. This device is a 3D printed ring-shaped insert.

How to Request

Do you need one of the cup holders listed here? You can click the link on the individual device to make a request, or you can go to our forum and make a request.

Do you have an idea for a cup holder not shown here? Do you have feedback or an idea for improving one of these designs? Just have a question? You can make a post on our forum and get in touch with the maker community.