Makers Making Change is an inclusive online community where people can come together to make assistive technologies. You’ll find contributions from people with disabilities, makers, industry professionals, advocates, and chapter leaders.

Joining the Community is Easy

  1. Login in to your Makers Making Change account.
  2. Browse the Forum.
  3. Share your comments in any discussion thread.
  4. To start a new discussion, click into the forum category you’d like to post it to and scroll to the bottom of the page to create your thread.

Receive Notifications for Forum Posts

  1. Navigate to a forum post.
  2. Click the “Subscribe” button below the forum banner image to receive email notifications.
  3. See your subscriptions at[your username]

Request Assistive Tech as a Device User

  1. Log in to your Makers Making Change account.
  2. Browse the Assistive Devices library and request a device. Your request will be posted to Maker Wanted.
  3. Discuss device details with the Maker.
  4. Discuss delivery method and reimburse the maker for part costs.
  5. When you receive the device, update the stage to “Delivered.”

Fulfill Device Requests as a Maker

  1. Login to your Makers Making Change account.
  2. Browse device requests in Maker Wanted.
  3. Have the tools and skills to build the device? Click “Make It”.
  4. Discuss build details with the requester.
  5. Deliver the device.

Want to See Your Device Requests / Requests You’ve Taken On?

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Scroll to the “My Requests and My Builds” section.

Need Help?

Post your questions to the forum or email [email protected].