We did it! Thanks to your support, we have hosted over 100 events, and delivered 649 adapted toys and 952 switches to children with disabilities across Canada.

We wanted to share with you a story of the direct impact #HackingForTheHolidays made this holiday season:

left to right: Mikaela's sister Hailey holding a toy, her mother Esther, and Mikaela in her wheelchair grasping a switch-adapted toy

Mikaela is two years old, and has cerebral palsy, affecting her gross motor movement, and has a global developmental delay.

“She’s just learning to grab things and the cause and effect of toys,” says her mother, Esther.

Thanks to your support, Mikaela received an adapted Spinning Light Wand Toy and an Adapted My Walking Pet, along with two pink Interact Switches. While she has played with switch toys before, these are the first (and second) adapted toys she’s ever owned, allowing her to play with them whenever she wants and allowing her to work on much needed skills.

“She loves them, she thinks they’re just the best thing ever,” says Esther. “These toys are really neat for her to be able to learn that cause and effect, and be able to engage with toys, where she wouldn’t really be able to.

“Some people may say it’s just a toy, but for her it’s huge.”

With the costs of commercial toys and the time it takes to get approved for funding for such options, Esther shares that they may not have been able to get an adapted toy for Mikaela without this donation.

“We’re very grateful as parents,” she says. “I think it’s just really nice to hear that people are taking their time out of their busy schedules and doing these types of things for children.”

While the holiday season may be coming to a close soon, our goal to provide children with disabilities accessible, affordable adapted toys continues. With your donation, we can continue this program and serve more families into the New Year.

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