Standard store bought toys can be difficult for some children with disabilities to play with who have difficulty with hand eye coordination, or dexterity issues, but ‘accessible toys’ can be very expensive-as much as $600! Through hacking, makers can alter the electronics of a toy to attach a new input(like a button) which can operate the functions of a toy in a way that is easier and more accessible for the user.

On Dec 8 2018, we went down to Bellingham Makerspace this past week to join in on the Toy-Adapt-a-thon event. With the help of some awesome volunteers, about 30 makers adapted approximately 12 toys for Xmas. Makers included of a high school robotics team, a couple Teachers, several Occupational Therapists, university students, tinkerers and hobbyists, a Girl Scout leader and a Girl Scout!

Toy hacking can be done by anyone! Some makers who attended were experienced, while others learned how to solder and play with electronics for the first time ever! If you want to be a part of a toy hacking event sign up to be a maker on!