Welcome to the Makers Making Change community! 

Makers Making Change is an online platform providing a disruptively low-cost alternative to commercially available assistive technologies. With a wide range of devices available in our assistive devices library, there are many options for people to choose from.

The unique combination of our assistive device library and online community platform enables assistive technology users to not just connect with the Makers who can build the devices they need, but to also fully participate in creating an accessible future for all.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for already in our library, you can connect with our community where volunteer makers can help turn your ideas into reality.

How Does the Request Process Work? 

A graphic showing the request a device process. Stage 1: Maker wanted. Stage 2: Discuss details. Stage 3: Build device. Stage 4: Prep for delivert. Stage 5: Reimburse part costs. Stage 6: Delivered

Step 1: Maker Wanted

Community members can browse and request assistive devices from the Assistive Device Library. Requests are then posted to the Maker Wanted page for makers to view.

Step 2: Discuss Details

After a maker takes on a request, the maker and requester collaborate on the device details.

Step 3: Build Device

The maker will source the parts and build the device.

Step 4: Prep for Delivery

After buildling the device, the maker will prepare the device and any additional resources (like print out user manuals) to get it ready for delivery.

Step 5: Reimburse Part Costs

The maker and requester coordinate how to reimburse the part costs and device delivery. Remember, the requester is responsible for covering the cost of materials.

Step 6: Delivered

The requester receives the device from the volunteer maker.

11 people holding the Round Flexure Switch up to the camera
Volunteers from RBC showing the Round Flexure Switches they built. All devices were donated to a local children’s hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Get Involved! 

Participate in the Makers Making Change online platform! Sign up to request devices and volunteer your skills with the community.