Device Details


The OpenSCAD Braille font module allows an individual to customize and create 3D printable labels with Braille. The 3D printed Braille labels take a short time to print, require little filament, and are easy to generate and print. Braille labels can also be added to other 3D printed devices to increase accessibility or printed for the user’s specific needs.

The OpenSCAD file can create properly spaced and standardized Braille letters, NEMETH numbers, mathematical operators, and some common contractions. The documentation of this project found in the above GitHub link contains instructions on how to use the OpenSCAD program to create these labels.


The 3D printed Braille labels are intended to be used in the same way as standard Braille. The Braille labels can be glued or stuck to various surfaces. The Braille labels can also be incorporated in other 3D printed models as well, for example, on the side of another assistive device such as a switch.

Build Instructions

The documentation (found on the GitHub page) includes guides for 3D printing, using the OpenSCAD software, and also includes a video on how to use the OpenSCAD Braille template. If you are fulfilling this request for a requestor please take a look at the maker checklist document before you start the build to help you walk through the process.


  • 3D printing.


  • Depends on how many Braille labels are needed but approx <10 mins per label.



  • See the 3D printing guide document for recommendations for printing Braille.


Michael Cantino and Sean Tikkun.