Device Details

The 3D Printed Educational Devices kit contains devices that help people with disabilities with activities of daily living and learning. These devices assist people with arthritis, limited finger exterity or other disabilities. This kit gives schools a great introduction into the world of 3D printed Assistive Technology (AT).


Pen Ball  Allows for easier grip of a pen, pencil, maker, smart board pen for someone who has difficulty in holding the devices directly.

Palm Pen Holder  The palm pen holder allows users to gently curl their fingers around a handle to hold it securely or hook their thumb around the writing utensil. This 3D Printed Assistive Device has a large hole that can accommodate various writing tools width. This device is useful for those who have some grip and strength in their fingers.

Dyslexia Bar Flat  The dyslexia bar is a tool that isolates text on a page so readers can focus on reading one or two lines at a time. This reading bar can be used on flat documents and sheets of paper.

Dice Spinner  The switch activated dice spinner utilizes a hobby motor, battery holder, and jack along with a couple 3d printed parts and a clear plastic cup to make any dice game more accessible. It is an easy toy to make that allows children to roll the dice in an alternative way.

Round Flexure Switch  The switch is activated by applying pressure on the top surface. This switch can be connected to any standard AT interface, and can also be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The kit contains different colours and textures of interchangeable button tops.

Bottle Opener  The bottle opener is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool that assists people with arthritis, limited finger dexterity or other disabilities to open standard water bottle caps. This 3D Printed Assistive Device provides a large gripping surface and clamps onto the caps of standard water bottles with a small squeeze, allowing users to remove or screw on water bottle caps.

Key Turner  The key turner is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool for people with arthritis or other disabilities to operate their keys. Users loop their finger through the hole and twist to lock and unlock doors, lockers with minimal wrist movement.

Total time to print this kit is 16 hours.

Feel like there is something missing from the kit that can aid a student in school tasks please check out the website for other devices.  Do you have an idea of a new device that can assist students?  Submit an idea.