Device Details

Why we made this kit: 

This kit is an introduction to 3D printing devices. It is great for OT’s, Not For Profits, or Users who want to trial a few different devices. The assorted devices in this kit can be used for people of all ages.  These devices can be altered by size, and colour giving the user flexibility for the devices to be a fit for them.

What is included:

  • Bottle opener– This device provides a large gripping surface and clamps onto the caps of standard water bottles with a small squeeze, allowing users to remove or screw on water bottle caps.
  • Key turner– Users loop their finger through the hole and twist to lock and unlock doors with minimal wrist movement. The large key bed can accommodate various shape of key heads.
  • Pen ball– The pen ball makes it easier to grip a pen, pencil, or other writing utensils. *See sizing guide at the bottom*
  • Palm pen– Users can gently curl their fingers around a handle to hold it securely or hook their thumb around the writing utensil *See sizing guide at the bottom *
  • Tube Opener – A tool used to help open small lids for anyone that has difficulty gripping and twisting the caps.
  • Signature Guard -Aid that helps people to write on a specific spot for purposes such as writing a name, signature, or initials.
  • Bag Carrier– Can assist people with arthritis or other disabilities to carry plastic bags and other grocery bags. * See sizing guide *