Device Details


“A Cut Above” adapted scissors are designed to be used by persons that have low mobility or strength in their fingers. To create a pair of adapted scissors, replace a handle on a standard set of scissors with a 3D printed part.


“A Cut Above” adapted scissors are ideal for persons with low finger mobility or strength that have difficulties with gripping and closing scissors. An end-user uses the scissors by placing their fingers in the original scissor handle and then the palm of their hand into the adapted handle.

Bill of Materials

1  x 3D printed A Cut Above STL

1 x Rivets or screws from the original scissors


  • Screwdriver (if the scissor uses screws)
  • Hammer and chisel (if the scissor uses rivets)
  • Safety goggles

Print Instructions

Print the STL file at 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill, and no supports in PLA.

Build Instructions

Warning: Be cautious around the sharp edges of the scissors when building this project.

To build this device, 3D print the new handle, and then replace the corresponding handle on a standard pair of commercial scissors. Note: The scissors used in this project will need to either have the handles attached with screws or rivets. When replacing the handle, either attach the new handle with the original screw, or rivet it back into place (See Ways to Remove Rivets).


This design was created by Julia and Chloe from Westwood Elementary School as part of the Make:Able Challenge.