Device Details


This is a 3d printed holder that clamps to a table and provides a secure place to rest a cane so it will not fall over and can be easily retrieved when required.


To mount the holder onto a table, position the holder on the table and rotate the screw until the holder is secure.

To use the holder, insert the cane into the holder slot. To retrieve the cane, lift the cane out of the holder.

To remove the holder from the table, loosen the screw.


The cost of materials for this device is approximately $2 CAD.

Build Instructions

The cane holder is comprised of three parts that are all 3D printed.

Skills Required

  • 3D Printing
  • Manual Assembly

Time Required

  • 3D printing time: ~6 hrs
  • Assembly Time: <5 min


  • None required.


  • 1X 3D Printed Screw (Alt-screw-updates.stl)
  • 1X 3D Printed Screw Cap (Clamp_protector_tri.stl)
  • 1X 3D Printed Cane Holder (texture-on-cane-holder-v3.stl)

3D Printing

PLA or ABS Filament; 60% Infill

File Mass Print Time Cost Notes
Alt-screw-updates.stl 11.7 g 1:34 ~$0.30 Use Brim
Clamp_protector_tri.stl 2.2 g 0:18 ~$0.06 Support on build-plate; 10% density
Texture-on-cane-holder-v3.stl 64.0 g 4:33 ~$1.63 Support on build-plate; 10% density

Note: Print orientation is important for clamp structural integrity.


To assemble the holder, thread the screw into the bottom of the holder and press fit the screw cover / clamp protector on to the top of the screw.


Design process details can be found at:


Design by Jess Newhouse, shared under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

This design incorporates elements from G-Clamp fully printable by Johann Joe (johann517) which is shared under a CC-BY license.