Device Details


This is the latest prototype of a device used to support the forearm of a child with limited arm strength and movement. The arm skate is a work in progress and there is likely room for improvement. Two sizes have been created: one for a 5 year old with multiple disabilities and another smaller design for a child in Australia.


The forearm is placed and strapped into the arm skate. This supports the weight of the arm and allows it to move more freely.


Build Instructions

There are currently two version of the arm skate – a small version and a large version. The small version uses 3 rollers, the large version uses 5 rollers.


3D Printed
  • 1x Arm Skate Base (Small or Large) (Requires support)
  • 3-5X Shuffleboard Roller Caps
Additional Hardware
  • 3-5X 18 mm ball bearings
  • hook and loop strips
  • fabric or felt for lining the arm skate base (I used felt with adhesive on one side.)
  1. Insert the 18 mm ball bearing into the opening of the rollers.
  2. Clip or glue the shuffleboard cap to the rollers to capture the ball bearing inside.
  3. Line the arm skate with fabric or felt for comfort.
  4. Measure the hook and loop strap and cut to an appropriate length. Attach the hook and loop straps to the slots on the arm skate base.



Shuffleboard roller by Jaco Zandbergh (jacoz) is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license.