Device Details


The Assistive Nail Polish Applicator aids users with low pinch strength to open, apply, and close nail polish. The device can be held by hand, worn on a finger similar to the Parametric Finger Pen Holder, or worn over the hand similar to the Palm Pen Holder.  The Assistive Nail Polish Applicator can be used to help open tightly shut bottles of nail polish, similar to how the Assistive Paint Tube Opener works. The user guide explains in detail how to use the Assistive Nail Polish Applicator.


The handle of the device can be used to help open a bottle of nail polish and then the open circle right at the front can be used to hold the nail polish brush. The handle can be held in multiple orientations when applying the nail polish, outlined in the user guide.

3D Printing

The design prints in PLA with no support. A 3D print STL can be found at the top of this page.

Skills Required

  • 3D printing