Device Details


The assistive pencil grip is an adaptive aid designed to be used by persons that have low grip strength or mobility in their hands. End users can choose between two sizes — 7.8mm and 9.8mm — to best accommodate their choice of pencil.


Persons with low hand mobility or grip strength are well suited to using the assistive pencil grip. The end-user uses the assistive pencil grip by placing their choice of pencil through the grip. Note: This grip is designed to be printed with flexible material so that it will stretch and tightly hold your pencil while in use.

Bill of Materials

1 x 3D printed pencil grip (7.8 mm or 9.8 mm)

1 x Writing utensil

Print Instructions

Print the STL file at 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill, and no supports in PLA (rigid) or TPU (flexible).

Build Instruction

Attaching the assistive pencil grip is easy and require only sliding the pencil into the grip.


This design was created by Abigal from Waterloo Central School District as part of the Make:Able Challenge.