Device Details

Device Details


The bag carrier is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool that distributes the weight of bags carried. This 3D Printed Assistive Device can assist people with arthritis or other disabilities to carry plastic bags and reusable bags. The bag handles can easily loop around the two curved hooks. The handle is rounded to allows users to comfortably grip the carrier.


This handle is used to assist in carrying plastic or reusable bags by offering a wider grip. This handle can either be carried in hand or could be attached onto the side of a wheelchair.

Build Instructions 

All documentation, design files, and photos can be found on the GitHub page that is linked at the top of this project page. The Maker Checklist document will aid you in following the correct steps to build and work with the requester.


  • 3D Printing


  • 3D Printer


The design prints in PLA with no supports. 3D print STL’s and instructions can be found on the GitHub page linked at the top of this project page.


There are small, medium, and large handles available for different sized hands. A downloadable sizing guide can be found in the User Guide located at the top of the project page.


Kerilyn Kennedy – Makers Making Change