Device Details


A battery interrupter lets you use an accessible switch to turn on and off many battery-operated toys and devices. The battery interrupter interrupts the flow of power from the battery until an attached assistive switch is activated.



Initial Setup

The battery interrupter is inserted within the battery enclosure either between two batteries or between a battery and a battery terminal. The wires to the jack are routed to the outside of the battery enclosure.

Typical Usage

An assistive switch is connected to the battery interrupter switch jack. If there a power switch on the electronic device or toy, it is placed into the on position. Activating the assistive switch should then activate the electronic device or toy.


Build Instructions

Bill of Materials

2X 150 mm length wire

1X 30 mm long x 8 mm wide strip of paper

2X 25 mm long x 6 mm wide copper foil tape (e.g.

1X 3.5 mm Jack

2X 20 mm length heatsink (Optional, but recommended)



Wire Strippers

Soldering Iron


Heat Gun



See attached instruction manual for full assembly instructions.



Design and Assembly Instructions: Makers Making Change

Usage Graphic: Gurbaksh Singh (techiebaksh)